Improve workflow, simplify acquisition and enhance clinical effectiveness of 4D reconstruction.

Motion Management Enhances Simulation

Motion Match applications can help you more effectively plan radiation treatment for tumors that move when the patient breathes. 4D phase-matched reconstruction is GE's key to improved radiotherapy treatment planning. And to help make you more productive, it allows you to automatically view phase-matched and gated studies, and simultaneously visualize dual-gated studies on the console. 


Improved Visualization Capabilities

Motion Match is designed to enhance simulation, helping you: 

  • Improve radiotherapy planning and treatment
  • Improve workflow for PET and CT respiratory gating
  • Simplify data acquisition
  • Move seamlessly between PET and CT scans
  • Phase match and view gated studies automatically
  • See both the cardiac and respiratory triggers in real time


Motion Match features include: 


  • Advantage 4D enables 4D review on the console 
  • Motion Correct outputs the average Cine CT 
  • Retro Phase Match Reconstruction allows manual bin mixing
  • Motion VUE displays acquisitions on Advantage Workstation*


  • 4D images provide a video sequence of tumor movement 
  • CT acquired in Cine mode; PET in List mode 
  • Time-generated Cine CT 
  • 3D orthogonal views


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