Carestation Insights platform is designed to support:

  • Carestation Insights Comparison Guide

    Download our comparison guide to see which Carestation Insights application can provide the OR analysis you need to help manage anesthesia workflow, agent costs and protocol compliance in the OR.

    View more details on each digital application below:
    Carestation Insights Checkout Application
    Carestation Insights Agent Cost Application
    Carestation Insights Lung Protective Ventilation Application
    Carestation Insights OR Workflow Application
    Carestation Insights LIVE Application

  • Carestation Insights LIVE Application Demonstration

    Supervise multiple ORs while on the move, so you can be in the right OR at the right time. The Carestation Insights LIVE application:


    • provides real-time* visibility into multiple ORs
    • enables clinicians to prioritize medical direction
    • helps support adherence to protocols


    * Actual time may vary slightly due to hospital network and processing times. Data collected from Aisys™ CS2Anesthesia Machine and CARESCAPE™ Patient Monitors. NOTE: This product does not generate data or alarms, but transmits data from the OR and displays active alarms in the room for awareness. Images are representative of the product, but may change in future product software updates.

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Improving the Adoption of Lung Protection Strategies

The Carestation™ Insights Lung Protective Ventilation (LPV) app provides the needed visibility to assist in the adoption of a lung protection strategy using anesthesia machine-based data to drive change. Read this study to see how providers used the LPV app to increase the % of cases using LPV protocols from 14% to 37%, helping connect behavior to reducing postoperative pulmonary complications.

Carestation Insights Agent Cost App Case Study