System Requirements

Spine imaging

bone vcar

Automated spine labeling with oblique
and straightened reformat generation
to improve ease of reading and reporting

    spine identification and labeling
  • >90% labeling accuracy based on Deep learning algorithm trained on global datasets acquired with a broad range of acquisition parameters

  • <5 sec* to label
    the spine for volumes of 300mm or less
  • Designed to simplify the reading experience
    and improve reporting efficiency:

    • Automated spine labeling
    • Automated generation of a 3D trace to generate oblique and straightened reformat views
    • Automated generation of oblique views perpendicular to vertebral bodies and disc spaces
    • Easily edit the centerline to ensure accurate placement in the most challenging cases
    • Accessible for any exam type: trauma, oncology, dedicated spine, general imaging
    • Load multiple series and vertebrae labeling will propagate to the different volumes
    • Works on full spine acquisitions as well as limited acquisitions containing segments of the spine

Supporting Materials

*timing specifications for Z440 platform and normal anatomy