GE Healthcare is committed to providing a variety of contrast media products –  Products that help meet your patient and procedural needs

Broad portfolio of products across modalities







CT, computed tomography; MRI, magnetic resonance imaging.

Available in a range of concentrations, package sizes, and types to meet your procedural needs

GE Healthcare offers a versatile line of contrast media products indicated for use in diagnostic imaging procedures, including:

  • Optison (Perflutren Protein-Type A Microspheres Injectable, Suspension, USP)
  • Omnipaque (iohexol)
  • Visipaque (iodixanol)
  • Omniscan (gadodiamide)

Indications include intravenous, intra-arterial, body cavity, intrathecal, intra-articular,  rectal, and oral uses

There are many considerations when making an iodinated contrast medium selection

A number of patient challenges may affect the selection of an appropriate contrast medium.
GE Healthcare is your trusted partner in X-ray/CT contrast media solutions.
With more than 30 years of experience providing diagnostic imaging solutions, GE Healthcare offers iodinated contrast media, with a choice of osmolality, that help meet the individual needs of your patients.

The Support of +PLUSPAK Polymer Bottle Packaging 

At GE Healthcare, we recognize that being a sustainability leader is more than just creating products that provide environmental and operating benefits to our customers. Through our Ecomagination initiative, we also demonstrate our commitment to using our limited resources efficiently across the entire life cycle of our products.

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Professional Resources and Disclosures

Important Safety Information About Optison

Important Safety Information About Omnipaque

Important Safety Information About Visipaque

Important Safety Information About Omniscan


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