• Choice

    Monitor your patient without putting restrictions on labor and birthing choices. Empower your patients to do what is best for them and provide flexible choices during labor. The Novii Patch and Pod, when connected, are waterproof and can be left in place during a bath or shower.* For those patients receiving an epidural placement, monitoring can continue unrestricted by cords or belts. Empower your patients with choice.
  • Freedom

    Novii enables freedom of movement with a belt-free laboring experience that can help empower patients and enable caregivers. Monitoring does not need to restrict patients from the freedom to choose their laboring position and ambulatory activity. Patients can have the freedom to move unassisted about the room while getting the gentle care needed from caregivers. When your patients are resting or just enjoying a private moment with a loved one, Novii’s "no-repositioning" technology allows patients the freedom to labor without the need for transducer repositioning once a good connection has been established.

  • Mobility

    Novii enables mobility which may help decrease the length of labor1. Novii leverages digital innovation to wirelessly communicate patient data, removing the need for cords between the patient and the fetal monitor. Create a wireless experience for your patient and empower your patients with Novii mobility.
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The Novii Wireless Patch System is an is an intrapartum maternal/fetal monitor** that noninvasively measures and displays fetal heart rate (FHR), maternal heart rate (MHR), and uterine activity (UA). Novii provides the opportunity to enhance your current Labor and Delivery monitoring experience. It connects to the Corometrics 259cx Series Maternal/Fetal Monitor and allows data to flow seamlessly to your existing surveillance and archival system. Novii has three components: the Novii Patch, Novii Pod, and Novii Interface.
  • Novii Patch

    The Novii Patch is a single-use, peel-and-stick, disposable part which attaches to the woman’s abdomen using adhesives. The patch incorporates ECG electrode areas which pick up ECG and EMG signals from the skin surface and then transfers them to the Novii Pod.
  • Novii Interface

    The Novii Interface is a reusable part that translates Bluetooth® data transmitted by the Novii Pod into signals of the correct format to input to your fetal monitor with simple fetal monitor connection options. The Novii Interface also has a touchscreen and has two bays incorporated into its base for charging and pairing of the Novii Pods.
  • Novii Pod

    The Novii Pod is a reusable part which magnetically connects to the Novii Patch to pick up the fetal and maternal ECG and EMG signals and then filters, digitizes and processes them in real time to extract the FHR, MHR and UA data. The pod transmits this data via Bluetooth to the Novii Interface.

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*rated for total water immersion to 1 meter
**Indicated for use on women who are at >36 completed weeks (37.0), in labor, with singleton pregnancies.