Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

The Venue Family of systems was made for MSK practitioners who need to assess tendons, muscles and joints with clear and effective tools to manage patient progress during a course of treatment.

Venue Go
Venue Fit
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Intuitive 19" LCD Multi touch High-res color screen

Supports early diagnosis and helps you quickly decide on next steps.

Moves With You

Equipped with a swivel arm that’s flexible and rotatable, easily maneuver the system to the bedside or in tight spaces.

Battery Powered

Equipped with long-lasting batteries that provide active scan times of up to 4 hours.

Probes Up Top

Built with four probe ports, easily access probes and keep them in good condition with smart cable management.

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Venue Go™

AI-enabled tools

Our AI-enabled tools utilize proprietary algorithms that synthesize patient data. This enables fast patient assessments and diagnoses with clinical confidence.

Easy to use

Venue Go helps clinicians begin imaging quickly with features such as easy graphical documentation, gesture control, and quick transducer selection.

Battery powered

Equipped with long-lasting batteries that provide active scan times of up to 2 hours.

Cart to table to wall

Built for portability, Venue Go is designed to go from cart to table to wall with ease. Built with a small footprint, its ergonomic design makes it a take-anywhere system.

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Venue Fit™

Ready to scan

Equipped with two active probe ports and a long-lasting battery providing up to 1 hour of scan time. An easy to see count-down timer changes color when you are running low.

Touch, pinch and swipe

No buttons. No knobs. A familiar 14-inch touch screen with a simple, clear and intuitive interface works even with gloves or screen covers.

Moves with you

A small footprint with large casters easily maneuver the system to the bedside, navigate between equipment and reach tight spaces common in point of care.

Uniquely adaptable

Detachable holders and bins allow you to configure the system cart to fit your needs. Store gel packets and needles in easy reach and connect the larger bin to the front or back- if you need to get closer bedside.

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See the source of pain

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Guide treatments

Report - 32

Monitor patient progress


Button probes

Remove the clutter | Simple Screen

See a larger ultrasound image and view only the icons you want by activating Simple Screen mode. Activated on Venue™ Simple Screen increases the image size 39%, on Venue Go™ & Venue Fit™ image size is 18% larger.1

1. Supporting evidence for Venue and Venue Go is documented in DOC2391130. Supporting evidence for Venue Fit is documented in DOC2454794.

See the anatomy you need in one view | Venue View

Support diagnostic confidence by constructing a panoramic image from individual frames. With Venue™ View, clinicians can view up to 60cm of anatomy being scanned with anatomical relationships in one view. Venue View works with all linear probes available with the Venue Family.

Quickly and accurately assess patient progress | Follow Up

Deliver consistent and clear conclusions for repeated exams on the same patient. Follow Up automatically recalls parameter settings from a previous exam including comments and body patterns. Supports your monitoring of patient response to treatment over time by allowing a side-by-side view of historical and new images.

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