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    GE Healthcare Patient Spirometry Clinical Accessories

    Innovative and Easy-to-use Patient Spirometry Clinical Accessories

    Covering patient spirometry needs with options that best suit your organization's needs, our user-friendly, reliable, and compatible clinical accessories provide continuous and accurate information on changes in the patient’s ventilatory status.
    • Simple

      Reusable and disposable flow sensors are both available to suit your needs while pre-connected kits are designed for all application areas and for simple, quick setup.

    • Accurate

      Even in humid conditions, D-lite++ sets allow for simultaneous measurement of respiratory gases, lung mechanics, and metabolism.

    • Convenient

      Our portfolio of clinical accessories has been carefully curated to meet some of the highest standards of utility, performance and reliability—all through a simplified ordering process and expert advice at every step.


    Patient spirometry sensors, tubing and kits are tested and approved for use in critical care environments where GE Healthcare gas monitoring technology is applied. Patient spirometry accessories are available with following CARESCAPE respiratory modules1 or compact airway modules.
    GE Healthcare Labor And Delivery Clinical Accessories

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    1. All modules or accessories are dependent on regulatory approval status and may not be available in all regions.