LOGIQ™ E10 Ultrasound

Every day, you have the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of your patients. We want to empower you to do just that with the LOGIQ E10 – by supporting your expertise and helping you to elevate your practice to the next level.

A to A Digital Platform

Ultrasound’s advantages as a real-time, low-cost, non-ionizing, portable imaging modality has led to wide-scale global adoption. While this growth has many benefits for patients and the health system, it can be a stress to ultrasound users and departments that are solving a wider range of clinical problems and managing increased volume while also working to improve patient satisfaction.

To help care providers with these demands, GE Healthcare Ultrasound has designed A to A, a new AI-based digital platform that is aware of and interacts with the digital ecosystem around it to provide the next level of assistance for users. The goal of the platform is to assist the user, delivering the right tool at the right time, anticipating what the operator needs, and helping to ensure no detail is missed.

Our A to A digital platform consists of three key areas, each delivering new and distinctive features that are benefiting clinicians and their patients today.

App Assistant leverages awareness of the digital world around the system, including smart devices and cloud technology, to realize new ways to assist the user.

Analytics Assistant leverages data generated each time the user interacts with the system, providing a new level of awareness while the analysis of this data can potentially assist departmental workflow.

Anatomical Assistant enables the ultrasound machine to be aware of what is being scanned in order to provide anatomical-based assistance to the user.

Empowering Concise Workflow

The LOGIQ E10 applications help improve efficiency with concise workflow solutions for patients in a wide range of clinical scenarios.

Empowering Comprehensive Tools

The LOGIQ E10 provides comprehensive tools to enhance precision images
to treat a wide range of patients across a broad spectrum of conditions.


GE's advanced probe technology helps provide exceptional image quality and is available in a broad range of probes designed to meet the needs of your specialty.
Ultrasound Transducers

cSound Architecture

This GE exclusive technology automatically and continuously delivers incredible uniformity from near to far field. It acquires then reconstructs the exam data in real-time, powered by an advanced GPU with 48x the data throughput and 10x the processing power of our previous systems. There’s no need to adjust the focus – the information you need is there, instantly.


Simple, streamlined workflow at your fingertips. Manage patient information, report data, and images in one flexible and intuitive IT solution. GE's ViewPoint 6 is one of the most comprehensive, customizable data management tools available. Trice Imaging enables image management, sharing and collaboration via the cloud.
Ultrasound IT

SonoDefense - Data Security

50% of security breaches are targeted at healthcare. Powerful data security features help assure HIPAA compliance, protect patient data, and guard against costly breaches. Our SonoDefense customizable solution allows only trusted applications and libraries, blocks unnecessary ports and disables unnecessary services for enhanced security.


We invite you to join the LOGIQ Club, a network of thousands of fellow LOGIQ ultrasound users. Club membership gives you access to many tools and resources which are only available to members, helping you experience the full power of your LOGIQ ultrasound system. Members are regularly informed about developments in LOGIQ ultrasound technology and provided with special offers and opportunities which are announced on the club's own website.
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Elevating Radiology to the Next Level.


Image a wide range of pediatric patients.

Enabling vascular imaging.Download

Capture critical details for OB/GYN.


The LOGIQ E10 system helps you make a real difference in the lives of patients with breast disease.


Empowering Cardiovascular Imaging


2D Shear Wave Elastography quantifies tissue elasticity and provides color-coded elastograms.


Clinicians need an ultrasound system that will help them identify high-risk liver cancer patients, track disease progression, and make informed decisions to optimize treatment efficacy.

Enabling Confident Vascular Assessments with B-Flow.Download

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