Versana Balance

Competent, efficient, and practical, this world-class ultrasound system is designed for peace of mind and to help clinicians deliver care with confidence


Delivering peace of mind through world-class imaging quality


Simple-to-use design, workflow and automated tools streamline workflow


Perform a full range of exams and scans with a wide variety of probes

Versana Balance™ ultrasound helps you provide world-class care without compromising on quality.

For clinicians wishing to upgrade their capability, Versana Balance delivers best-in-class scanning capability and image quality for diagnosis and monitoring in private clinics, GP offices, and other primary-care settings. Durable and dependable, Versana Balance combines design, workflow, and automation features in an efficient system to serve your patients and your busy practice—day after day.

Competent. Efficient. Practical.

With high-quality imaging for a broad range of clinical examinations, and automated tools that streamline workflow, Versana Balance gives you and your patients clinical confidence for timely, accurate diagnostics and referral. It's the perfect balance of functionality, budget-friendliness, and reliability—without compromising patient care.

A complete solution

Simple to use with intuitive automated tools to streamline workflow, Versana Balance features multiple exam protocols and applications to help you diagnose a wide spectrum of patient conditions. It's a practical, competent system that has the advanced capabilities, clinical education resources, and financing options to fit your needs.

A partner you can trust

Based on decades of experience you can rely on, Versana Balance is part of the Versana ultrasound family. A complete solution that balances capability, affordability, and reliability, it delivers world-class imaging clarity to help boost diagnostic confidence and empower care without compromise.

An opportunity for growth

With Versana Balance, you'll have a fully trained, qualified, and deeply experienced support team ready to help out whenever you need assistance. You'll receive in-depth product instruction in addition to remote or on-site technical, clinical, and network support. Plus, our team of experts can help you select which package of probes and software best fits your needs.

Versana Balance at a glance

Whizz Dynamic Image Tuning

Push a button to automatically optimize an image, even as you move from one structure to another.

Whizz Label*

AI-enabled, automated labeling of right upper quadrant organs (Right Kidney, Gallbladder, and Liver).

Liver Productivity

Assess the liver while scanning, and add comments that feed directly into the report.


Incredible images that will allow clinicians to clearly follow baby’s development in detail.


Choose from a wide range of ultrasound probes* for a comprehensive range of exams and accurate image-guided biopsies.

*Probes availability may differ from region to region.

Training, Support, & Resources

We promise to be with you every step of the way, from helping you select the right product, installation, and education, optimizing your fleet and end-of-product life solutions.

Versana Club: Learn. Network. Share.

The Versana Club offers ultrasound training to help you improve skills, network with others, and share your knowledge.

  1. *Available on Versana Balance V2

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