Voluson Women’s Health

At GE Healthcare Women’s Health Ultrasound, we are committed to creating A Healthier Future for Women.
At GE Healthcare Women’s Health Ultrasound, we are committed to creating A Healthier Future for Women.

We create Voluson™ ultrasound solutions to enhance the relationship between clinical partners and patients, and work relentlessly to break new ground in innovation. We constantly improve the quality of our ultrasound images and create specialized tools to help clinicians see more anatomical details so they are able to provide their patients the best possible care. The Voluson family of products offers a range of solutions tailored to help meet diverse budgetary and clinical needs. We do it all to support you in providing exceptional care that will exponentially improve women’s lives, ensuring better health for generations.

Voluson Expert Series

With the Voluson Expert Series, you can deliver truly exceptional care—confidently and efficiently—every time—keeping you at the forefront of women’s health care. Powered by the Radiance System Architecture, these premium ultrasound systems encompass the most progressive imaging capabilities combined with efficiency and security features to help you to provide confident patient answers, faster.

Voluson Signature Series

Built on Voluson Core Architecture, the Voluson Signature Series of ultrasound systems incorporate a legacy of innovation to deliver exceptional image quality, advanced clinical tools, and intelligent workflow to enable high quality, efficient care.

Voluson SWIFT

Transform the way you work, with Voluson SWIFT. Uniquely intuitive and customizable, we’ve reimagined the user experience—for a new level of ease and efficiency. Radically different in look and feel, the system is designed to simplify every interaction for seamless integration and maximum comfort. Feel like an experienced user from the beginning with artificial intelligence and automated tools that expand your capabilities and inspire confidence.

Voluson Performance Series

Ultrasound is an essential resource in delivering quality women’s healthcare and the Voluson Performance Series is a cost-effective way to join the Voluson family.