Digital Solutions

Accelerating the digital transformation

Every hospital is under pressure to optimize the Total Cost of Ownership. Needing to do more with less is the norm and healthcare providers must use innovative technology to compete. Our Digital Solutions suite of applications uses technology like preventive, predictive and prescriptive analytics to drive actionable insights. We want to help your organization to improve and sustain outcomes, in a safe and secure way.

Asset Performance Management

GE Healthcare’s Asset Performance Management gives you data-driven insights to help optimize utilization, increase availability and reduce operating costs of your healthcare equipment.

Clinical Performance Management

Clinical Performance Management solutions uses your equipment data to help improve clinical system performance and capabilities, exam efficiency, manage protocols and optimize dose. Using data analytics, we enhance clinical, operational and financial outcomes.

Imaging Insights Dose Management

Imaging Protocol Manager

Clinical Networking & Cybersecurity

GE Healthcare provides security solutions, which include infrastructure design and assessment, remediation of risks, and monitoring of critical areas for ongoing protection. Our security products and services help reduce threats, enabling safe sharing of connected data to help improve patient care and satisfaction, while protecting data integrity.