Total Breast Care

GE HealthCare has been pioneering in the breast care pathway since it introduced Mammography in 1965. We have led the way with our industry-first Automated Breast Ultrasound, Contrast Mammography, Contrast Biopsy, Patient-Assisted Compression and more. We are committed to helping you integrate new breast care advancements.

Breast care

    The Future of Breast Care is GE HealthCare

    Make more impact. Get what you need now. Our solutions enable you to deliver cost-effective, exceptional care while improving the patient experience, streamlining processes, and strengthening clinical confidence. Explore our personalized breast care solutions along the entire patient care pathway.
    At a glance

    Treat patients with care

    Products uniquely designed for patient care, with less wait and worry.

    Stay ahead of cancer

    Early detection and predictive analytics that could improve outcomes.

    Address benign conditions

    Technology and solutions that help address other types of non-cancerous breast conditions

    Push productivity

    Breakthrough AI tools and advanced features to enhance efficiencies.

    Breast health journey



    Staging & planning


    Monitoring & Follow-up

    Early breast cancer detection lowers diagnosis stage, treatment intensity. That’s why GE HealthCare offers a total portfolio of personalized imaging and breast care patient solutions.

    Discover our breast health portfolio

    Handheld Ultrasound


    Breast Ultrasound

    Non-cancerous breast conditions

    Beyond the realm of breast cancer, our innovative breast care technologies extend their reach to encompass a diverse array of benign breast conditions.

    Types of non-cancerous breast conditions we can help address include:

      Fibrosis and Simple Cysts
      Hyperplasia (Ductal or Lobular)
      Lobular Carcinoma in Situ (LCIS)
    And more...

    Digital AI Innovations

    Integrating digital products and solutions across the care pathways. With precision care, you need to simplify your workflow, including quantitation and dosimetry processes, empower your quantitation with AI, and efficiently and accurately complete organ segmentation. GE HealthCare is meeting those needs with integrated solutions that help simplify clinical and research workflows.


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