Sports Performance

Nutrition, Athletics and Sports Medicine.
Nutrition, Athletics and Sports Medicine.

The Sports Performance community is driven by improving the human peak health & performance through a better understanding of the human body - body composition, metabolic factors, nutrition and genetics.

Professionals and Researchers in the field of Sports Performance pursue cutting edge research and develop customized exercise and dietary programs that brings out the best in their athletes.

Whether you are a Sports Physician, Kinesiologist, Physical Therapist, Sports Nutritionist, Dietician or a Strength and Conditioning coach, achieving athletic peak performance and bringing out the best in your athletes is most important to you. We can help you in your mission to study the role of nutrition and food science in achieving peak human performance in your athletes.

Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXA) technology based Body Composition solutions from GE Healthcare offers you many tools to obtain high resolution images and precise measurements of the total body and segmental regions of interest such as arms, legs, android and gynoid. Our technology helps you study body composition trending over time – i.e. how much the lean and fat tissue changes over time, therefore helping you measure the impact of your training or dietary programs on your athletes.

In addition, our advanced body composition capabilities empower you to measure the lean and fat distribution in the body along with the visceral fat content in the android region. You can also get insights into the metabolic information of your athletes through information such as resting metabolic rate and relative skeletal muscle index. Finally, we offer many attractive reporting templates that you can choose from to display body composition and metabolic information to your athletes for ease of interpretation and subsequent action.

DXA technology has emerged as one of the most proven and reliable techniques for body composition while being more convenient and easier to operate in comparison to alternative technologies for body composition. At GE Healthcare, we offer you the best of DXA technology to bring out the best in your athletes and make the most out of your training, nutrition and research programs.

Explore our Body Composition portfolio by learning more about our products and clinical applications.

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