• Precision


    For true precision imaging, you need to see all that your CT can see for every patient in any position and only the right combination of technology can achieve it. MaxFOV provides edge-to-edge acquisition with virtually no blind spots, delivering CT images with specified spatial and density values, an industry first. And MicroVoxel thin slice reconstruction enables precise contours. Combined with a high power x-ray source, it's the perfect match for outstanding quality images with excellent contrast.

    MaxFOV uses GE Healthcare's proprietary algorithms to leverage collected data that traditional algorithms ignore to essentially build a complete view of everything within the CT's bore, edge-to-edge.

    Powered by a 100 kW generator and 0.625 mm slice thickness, our exclusive MicroVoxel technology delivers superb 2D and 3D images through the optimum choice of sub-millimeter slice thickness and reconstructed voxel size.

  • Efficiency


    Work with smart applications that minimize two of your workflow's biggest challenges: motion and metal. Smart Metal Artifact Reduction reduces metal artifacts in a single scan and automatically generates both corrected and uncorrected images for quick comparisons. And Smart Deviceless 4D measures the effects of motion using image data instead of an external device. Together, they allow you to see reduced scan setup times and consistent, protocol-driven workflows.

    Smart Metal Artifact Reduction (MAR) is designed to reduce artifacts of high density materials, including orthopedic implants, dental fillings and other metal in the body. Our metal artifact correction technology is based on raw data, enabling you to reduce artifacts caused by both photon starvation and beam hardening.

    Smart Deviceless 4D provides respiratory gating without an external device, simplifying the workflow by eliminating as many as half of the manual steps from conventional device-based 4D workflow.

  • Integration


    AdvantageSimTM MD virtual simulation software enhances what you image with the latest in simulation and localization technology and makes it available to your other clinical resources. You can load and display data sets from multiple modalities, integrate 4D data into the planning process and fuse multiple volumetric acquisitions together. And because it is on the AW Server, you can access it outside of the workstation and easily share all that your CT sees with your patient's care team.

    AdvantageSim MD increases productivity through effortless 4D review and simulation and unlimited flexibility to utilize multi-modality data planning. Now available in release 9 with autosegmentation and replanning.

    AW Server provides advanced visualization and diagnostic capabilities when and where you want them, and facilitates sharing images with whom you want to share them.