how it works

DoseWatch automatically detects outliers in dosing data and provides insight into their root causes, while easily documenting these anomalies for review.

  • Using the picture archiving and communication system (PACS) and your medical devices, DoseWatch captures, tracks, and reports radiation and contrast dose across modalities and manufacturers. The following modalities are currently supported on DoseWatch:

    • CT systems
    • Contrast injection systems1
    • Interventional Radiology (IR) systems
    • Cardio-Vascular (CV) systems
    • Mammography systems
    • Radiography systems
    • Surgical/mobile C-arms
    • Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging systems2

DoseWatch 3.1

DoseWatch 3.1 quickly streamlines data to give your team access to the dosage information they need.
  • 4D Skin Dose Map3

    DoseWatch 3.1 provides an interactive tool to support the post-procedure review conducted by the interventional imaging physician or medical physicist as they perform their comprehensive assessment of skin injury risk.
  • Organ dose dosimetry technology from Duke University3

    This module estimates organ dosages based on licensed dosimetry technology developed by Duke University. Using the XCAT phantom library of patient models, it gives an absorbed dose estimation based on Duke University’s algorithm.
  • Dose to Fetus

    DoseWatch 3.1 allows clinicians to take a closer look at the impact of radiation on pregnant patients and their babies with the new Dose to Fetus feature. This feature simplifies and standardizes estimates of fetal radiation exposure by automatically incorporating factors like the mother’s measurements and fetal depth.

Dose Management

GE Healthcare can help you develop an effective program to ensure the comfort and quality of patient care with DoseWatch.
1This feature collects contrast data automatically for class-4 injectors integrated with CT scanners or directly from some injection systems. It is available for manual entry for other modalities connected to DoseWatch with the Contrast Data Management module.
2 Tracking for single-injection procedures only and single DICOM studies.
3This feature is available in DoseWatch 3.1 and higher versions.