• Flexible and customizable upgrade options
  • Gain advanced clinical capabilities
  • GE magnet is clinically strong for up to 30 years
  • Increase your procedures by 30%1
  • Today’s technology at up to half the cost2
  • Up to 50% savings in construction costs3

We keep your upgrade options open

Get The Works upgrade options give you the power of choice in upgrading just your software, upgrading your software and hardware or upgrading to a completely new system built around your existing magnet. Depending on which MR model you have, there may be a couple options for you. With Get The Works, it is all about making the right equipment upgrade decision easy for your organization.


Continue to explore your options

1With the SIGNA Explorer Lift, the system may be able to scan 2-3 more patients per day due to new capabilities and productivity.

2Compared to a new GE 1.5T MR system - upfront cost includes equipment, construction required for the equipment install and potential mobile cost during downtime. Actual costs will vary depending upon your site's specific circumstances.

3Total upfront cost includes equipment, downtime and siting. Actual results may vary. Based on average estimate construction costs to upgrade a 1.5T 60 cm to SIGNA Explorer Lift versus replacing with a new wide bore.