What’s new

Simply better clinical confidence
Improve SNR, sharpen images and shorten MR scan times with AIR™ Recon DL.
  • Features

    Proven Technology

    • Proven 1.5T magnet with high homogeneity GE's well established Zero-boil off technology
    • 27% more SNR with OpTix RF
    • OpTix RF Channels with Express Coils

    Extensive Clinical Capability

    • Motion Correction with PROPELLER
    • Imaging around metal with IDEAL and MAVRIC SL
    • Diffusion Imaging with eDWI

    Operation Efficiency

    • 34% less energy consumption than our previous generation MR
    • Smaller footprint for simpler siting

    Ease of Use

    • Express coil technology that reduces handling of bulky coils between exams.
    • Slide bar, reduces 30 inputs with a single control
    • Two low-height table designs that can be lowered to 49cm
    • Fixed table configuration with Express coil technology that enables easy positioning and high throughput
    • Detachable table that helps improve patient access and productivity
    • SV25 Applications Suite  

SIGNA™ Creator: Available in both 8 and 16 channel configurations.