SIGNA™ Artist Evo

The MR world is constantly evolving and so are your patients’ needs. So why should your 1.5T system stay the same?
At a glance

Superior comfort

A 70 cm bore and blanket-like AIR™ Coils improve comfort and accessibility

Advanced AI technology

Achieve pin-sharp image quality with pioneering AIR™ Recon DL AI technology

Same magnet, wider bore

Your state-of-the-art magnet remains current with our lifetime guarantee

Faster returns

Gain a 40% faster ROI with a SIGNA™ Evo transformation vs. a replacement†

Open up for patients

You don’t need to replace your 1.5T MR system to meet growing patient needs. That’s because GE technology comes with the inherent ability to be transformed. SIGNA™ Artist Evo is the first and only upgrade that widens the bore on legacy MR systems to 70 cm. It also opens up a range of patient-focused benefits like feet-first imaging and faster scan times which make procedures more comfortable.

Wider appeal

Hear from your peers, the medical professionals who have benefited first-hand from a SIGNA™ Artist Evo transformation.

Far-reaching potential with SIGNA™ Artist Evo

One transformative upgrade. Limitless potential for patients.

Enhanced patient experience

Transforming from a 60 cm to a 70 cm bore widens the cross-section by 36%, giving patients extra room during their scan. Reduce claustrophobia rejection rates by 90% while boosting comfort and patient satisfaction.**

Unique lightweight flexible blanket-like AIR™ Coils also enhance comfort. These are up to 50% lighter than conventional technology, meaning patients feel less restricted and you can scan closer for exceptional results.***

Patients also no longer need to be readjusted during their scan as Whole-Body Imaging allows different organs to be scanned simultaneously, helping them feel calmer and taking the stress out of scanning.


Expanded clinical capabilities

With advanced technology on your side, you can widen your clinical service to more patients and improve confidence from referrals.

With access to the latest advanced AI technology, you can scan all anatomies and achieve pin-sharp images. Our pioneering Deep Learning-based reconstruction algorithm AIR™ Recon DL accelerates scan time and puts patients at ease.

The improved gradient of 44 mT/m, 170 T/m/s provides exceptional results faster and with 128 RF channels, you can ensure uniformity for every result.

You’ll also see the difference automated applications such as AIR Touch™ and AIR x™ make to your workflow and patient throughput.


Extend the lifetime of your MR system

Get more value out of your legacy MR system with a SIGNA™ Artist Evo transformation. With no magnet wastage, reduced helium usage and lower reconstruction costs, installing your transformed MR system means minimal disruption to daily practice, less downtime, so you can keep helping your patients.

It is also much more cost-effective to upgrade than replace your current system – you can break even 40% faster.ⱡ

With access to the latest technology platform and innovative future software upgrades, you instantly improve your system’s future capabilities, meaning you’re fully supported for years to come.


Shining a light on sustainability

A SIGNA™ Artist Evo transformation is a sustainable option. You can extend your system’s life expectancy and reduce your carbon footprint. Keeping your current magnet eliminates waste, reduces helium consumption, and lowers reconstruction costs. It’s cheaper for you and kinder for the planet.

AIR™ Recon DL technology reduces power consumption per patient scan by up to 50%, which is better for the environment. ⱡ ⱡ


Gain a deeper knowledge

Learn more about the SIGNA™ Artist Evo upgrade and how it advances your legacy 1.5T MR system



Improved gradient performance

Scan faster with a boosted gradient performance of 44 mT/m, 170 T/m/s

Greater functionality

Guaranteed uniformity for every diagnosis with up to 128 RF channels that improve SNR

New efficiency tools

New efficiency tools include an in-room display and 3 x 32ch Coil ports in-table
†Based on historical ROI of full system upgrades vs full replacement
**Claustrophobia rate comparison head-first/feet-first
***AIR™ Coils data on file (2018)
ⱡ Based on the discussion and qualitative interviews with various stakeholders at Precision Imaging Center conducted in October 2022.
ⱡ ⱡ Based on AIR™ Recon DL data on file (2019)
ⱡ ⱡ ⱡ Simply better compared to conventional coil technology

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