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    Parameter Excellence

    With over 40 years of innovation in parameter technology, GE Healthcare has been at the forefront of continuous research and development. A result of this is our diversified monitoring portfolio of cutting-edge products, equipped with advanced technologies.

    PODMulti-parameter modules:

    • CARESCAPE ONE: Supports bedside and transport clinical workflows across different patient environments by functioning as an independent intra-hospital transport monitor and a multi-parameter acquisition module.
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      Lo-flow CO2 is only available through the CARESCAPE ONE.
    • CARESCAPE Monitor B450CARESCAPE Patient Data Module: Capable of 24-hour data storage with 36 arrhythmia events, 10 ST segments, 20 cardiac calculations and 10 pulmonary calculations.  Exceptional parameter set includes 3-, 5-, and 6-leadwire ECG up to 8 measured ECG waveforms, EK-Pro four-lead arrhythmia analysis, optional 12RL™ derived 12-lead ECG and 12SL diagnostic 12-lead ECG, DINAMAP™ SuperSTAT non-invasive blood pressure, and Masimo® SET® or Nellcor® OxiMax® SpO2.    

    Single measurement modules

    Neurology modules Hemodynamic modules Respiratory modules
    • E-Entropy Module       * E-COP Module     * E-sCO(V)
    • E-NMT Module       * E-COPsv Module     * E-CAiO(V)(X)
    • E-EEGX Module * E-PiCCO Module Acronyms: s=single width; C=CO2;
    • E-BIS       * E-NSATX Module Ai=anesthetic agents and agent identification
          • E-MASIMO Module      O=Patient O2; V = Patient Spirometry;
            X = Gas exchange

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    Part of the CARESCAPE Monitoring Portfolio

    CARESCAPE™ patient monitors are a family of scalable solutions you can customize for all patient case types across your enterprise. Just as your care areas need to be adaptable, CARESCAPE monitors are inherently flexible and scalable, with customizable alarms and reports. From the ER through the ICU, NICU, CCU, OR, and PACU, CARESCAPE monitors help you care for any patient and respond to changing conditions with capabilities you can count on.

    CARESCAPE Monitor B450

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