Deliver the simplest to the most complex exams with ease, speed, quality, and consistency.

  • Do everything you need at the patient bedside without having to walk back and forth to the acquisition workstation outside the room. Worklist management and patient selection, protocol selection, technique modification, and positioning setup.

Definium Tempo works together with you to speed up the imaging process, provide high quality scans, and allows for more quality time with the patient.

  • Auto Positioning²

    The OTS, table, and wall stand automatically move to predefined locations based on the selected procedure and view.
  • Auto Centering²

    The OTS automatically moves to the center of the wall stand's current position or the center of the table detector's current position.
  • Auto Tracking

    The table detector housing automatically follows the OTS longitudinal movement and moves to the correct longitudinal position when the OTS tube angles.
  • Reverse Tracking

    The wall stand automatically moves vertically to follow vertical movement of the OTS and moves vertically to align with changes in OTS angulation.
  • Auto Angulation

    Rotate the tube head to a predefined angulation position for specific shoulder, knee, foot or hip procedures, with a simple click on the OTS console UI.

Definium Tempo helps prevent errors before they occur.

  • Live Steaming Video

    A camera situated on the x-ray tube head provides live streaming video of the patient imaging area onto the acquisition workstation console helping monitor patient movement and position before x-ray is taken.

Intelligent Workflow Suite² combines computer vision, video analytics and precision engineering to deliver a solution for common errors and inefficiencies within the imaging department, producing consistent images while increasing productivity.

Definium Tempo helps produce consistent high quality images


Helix™ Advanced Image Processing 2.1

Real Time IP Looks and IQ Compare helps simplify the process of finding the perfect image look for your site

Definium Tempo Advanced Clinical Applications

  • Auto Image Paste²

    The Definium Tempo provides seamless long bone and spine imaging at the wall stand table. Enhanced with AutoSpine, an intelligent pasting algorithm, Auto Image Paste follows the contour of spine for vertical equalization enabling a natural balance of brightness and contrast along the patient body.
  • Dual Energy Subtraction²

    Eliminate obstructions from overlying bones, while providing additional information on calcifications in chest and abdomen studies. Delivered in the Helix™ advanced image processing chain, x-rays are more consistent despite variations in exposure technique or challenging exam conditions.

Cybersecurity solutions protect your system and patient data

  • Detect, protect, and secure.

    Audit and accountability, identification and authentication, system and information protection, and network security. Updates available via software download.

Definium Tempo helps you deliver consistent, highly automated, efficient exams that impart clinical confidence.

  • Versatile Configurations

    Adjusts to your environments with multiple table, wall stand and ceiling suspension configuration options.
  • OTS Console

    12-inch screen with everything you need at the bedside to allow you to stay close to the patient.
  • Reverse Tracking

    The wall stand automatically moves vertically to follow vertical movement of the OTS.
  • Quick Charge

    Detector charging in the table or wall stand bucky.
  • Auto Angulation

    Rotate the tube head to a predetermined position based on a specific procedure.
  • Auto Tracking

    OTS movement is synchronized with the table detector housing.
  • Elevating Table

    Designed for ergonomic operation and patient safety.

Data isn’t just about looking backwards. It helps you plan the future.

  • X-ray Quality Application featuring Repeat Reject Analytics

    Zero in on root causes of rejects, enhance training, drive efficiency and help reduce dose.
    Definium Tempo is compatible with GE’s X-ray Quality Application featuring Repeat Reject Analytics. Connect automatically to compatible X-ray systems, and use web-based dashboards to manage quality assurance. Uncover the root cause of rejected X-ray exams, plan targeted training and help reduce unnecessary radiation dose.
  • iCenter asset management software platform

    Optimize utilization of your X-ray equipment. Balance workload using the full power of healthcare data analytics.
    iCenter empowers you with data and analytics for valuable insights into the utilization and workload of your X-ray assets, to help when making strategic decisions concerning workflow optimization.

Ready when you are

  • X-ray service and support

    Our X-ray systems, applications and support never rest, so you can focus on your patients.
    GE X-ray machines are fully supported by over 2700 expert field engineers you know and trust. Our Advanced Service Technologies4 help you maximize uptime and ensure your X-ray system is ready when you are.
  • Insite™ remote connectivity

    Remote diagnostics and troubleshooting for fast resolutions, often without a field engineer visit.
    Remote applications assistance with engineer connecting online in real time. Proactive monitoring, helping detect issues so they can be resolved before downtime occurs.
  • Education

    Get the education you and your team need to stay sharp.
    GE Healthcare offers product and clinical education to help you and your team stay sharp. From intensive technical and clinical product training to our extensive continuing education opportunities for technologists and radiologists, we can help you meet your training needs, online and onsite.

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