LOGIQ Totus™ Ultrasound

Multi-purpose excellence. Introducing LOGIQ Totus – a head-to-toe, comprehensive ultrasound experience that redefines your expectations.

Redefine your expectations

An experience that replaces “good enough” with “full satisfaction.”

Trust Your Decisions

AI-powered workflow plus exceptional imaging equals clinical confidence.

Improve Your Efficiency

Streamlines workflow and maximizes efficiency across multiple care areas.

Expand Your Solutions

Everything you need today, scalable for what you’ll need tomorrow.

LOGIQ Totus is a comprehensive ultrasound solution whose performance exceeds even the highest expectations. With its AI-powered workflow technology, high-quality imaging, and sleek design, it redefines the ultrasound experience from head to toe.

Feature highlights

Redefine your expectations

A comprehensive ultrasound solution that delivers high-quality imaging, AI-powered diagnostic support, and optimized efficiency — all while being easy to move across care areas. LOGIQ Totus is designed for those who refuse to settle for “good enough.”
Trust your decisions

A trusted companion with comprehensive support

This comprehensive ultrasound experience will delight you with its AI-powered decision support and excellent imaging quality, at a reasonable price point.

• Rely on cSound™ Architecture, which delivers exceptional image quality and uniformity

• Leverage a wide range of transducers, including XDclear™, which produces high resolution images covering head-to-toe applications across clinical specialties or care areas

• Address clinically challenging cases with advanced tools such as 2D Shear Wave Elastography, Ultrasound-Guided Attenuation Parameter (UGAP), and Volume Navigation

• Get assistance from AI-based decision support, including Breast and Thyroid Assistant powered by Koios DS™
Improve your efficiency

As agile as it is intuitive

Designed for portability and efficiency, LOGIQ Totus will help you accomplish more with less. Its time-saving features include:

• Automated, AI-powered tools that can help you improve efficiency and minimize complexity

• Advanced productivity solutions — including Smart Assistant, Scan Assistant, and Voice Control — that simplify and streamline end-to-end workflow

• A lightweight, portable design, equipped with battery-powered scanning and a wireless handheld transducer
Expand your solutions

A next-generation platform that expands as you grow

Achieve more consistent ultrasound imaging performance standards. LOGIQ Totus provides a total product life cycle experience that ensures both clinician satisfaction and a meaningful return on investment:

• Achieve operational excellence for your facility with well-balanced performance-to-price ratio

• Experience a next-generation platform that expands as your practice grows

• Keep your system and patient data safe with SonoDefense, our multi-layer approach to cybersecurity

Get full value from your investment

The LOGIQ Totus provides a total product life cycle experience—from dependable support and ongoing product and clinical education to a reliable peer network—that ensures both clinician satisfaction and a meaningful return on investment.

Get training and support with Digital Expert

Using a mobile tablet connected directly to your ultrasound equipment, Digital Expert provides users the ability to interact with peers at various locations to get support before, after, or even during an exam.

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