Venue™ Features




19-inch articulating monitor

Large enough to see from across the room, easy to reposition (and lock) for different procedures

Smart cable management

Four probe holders keep probes in good condition and keep cords off the ground and out of the way

Small, nimble footprint

A rotatable swivel arm and maneuverable wheels make it nimble enough to move with you

Infection control

Easy to clean, smooth and seamless surface supports infection control efforts

Battery powered

Equipped with long-lasting batteries that provide active scan times of up to 4 hours

Convenient button probe

Allows a single individual to control the system from the probe while scanning

Built to last

A durable screen, bumpers and multipurpose handles protect against bumps, bangs and splashes

One shared platform

A consistent user experience is shared between the entire Venue family

Support you can count on

Venue is backed by a multi-year warranty

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