Get the solutions you need to maximise uptime, promote clinical excellence, and encourage workflow efficiency with GE Healthcare Equipment Maintenance. This suite of maintenance offerings is designed to help you make the most of your clinical assets. Management features help you control risk, address changing regulatory and accreditation requirements, and meet your budget objectives without compromise.


The GE Healthcare Australia and New Zealand Service Organisation

Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest level of service in supporting your diagnostic imaging equipment throughout its entire life-cycle. From preventative to corrective maintenance, we offer our teams, our processes and our technologies to help you reduce downtime and maximise productivity from your diagnostic imaging machine.


Our experienced engineering force is responsible for maintaining and fixing over 1000 pieces of diagnostic imaging equipment. We have:

  • Over 150 Australia and New Zealand based engineers across a variety ofs pecialities
  • Ongoing world class training to ensure our engineers stay up-to-date and current with new technologies


Through remote diagnostics and online technologies, we deliver maximum system uptime and availability.

  • iLinq™ provides instant Technologist support available on the console interface
  • InSite™ enables our online technical engineers to access your system andremotely diagnose and ensure a quick resolution


Our processes, protocols and infrastructure are designed around service quality management and work-flow optimisation including:

  • A support call process to ensure we connect you to the right person as quickly as possible
  • An escalation process leveraging GE’s extensive technical resources whenrequired

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Service Contact Numbers

To learn about GE Healthcare Maintenance Services contact the appropriate number below:

1800 659 465 (AUS)

0800 659 465 (NZ)