Built upon the strongest foundation of performance

Discovery IQ Gen 2 builds on the standard of PET/CT performance set by Discovery IQ through powerful software and hardware upgrades designed to further personalize your patient care. While maintaining the industry’s highest NEMA sensitivity2, Discovery IQ Gen 2 delivers improvements to the other two core pillars of excellent PET/CT imaging - motion correction and quantitation accuracy. MotionFree can provide every patient the benefit of reduced motion in their images, while more accurate quantitation tools will help produce greater image quality for better patient outcomes. Additionally, the re-engineered hardware enhances the technologist and patient experience. One such example is new remote landmarking and table positioning with AutoIN, which keeps the technologist at the console, potentially reducing their radiation exposure. Along with an improved user interface for exam reporting and a smaller footprint, Discovery IQ Gen 2 provides a great opportunity to invest in the world’s most trusted PET/CT platform for your molecular imaging requirements.


The highest sensitivity to your greatest needs²

Discovery IQ Gen 2 reinforces what the highest sensitivity can do for your image quality. Built with a combination of the highest NEMA sensitivity2, the highest clinical NECR2 and outstanding field-of-view coverage, this PET/CT system has exceptional small lesion detectability. Amongst these industry-leading capabilities, Discovery IQ Gen 2 also features Smart MAR, which helps reduce metal artifacts, providing significant reduction of streaks and shadows to save time from correcting images. It is imaging in the highest sense, using low dose and faster acquisition times to acquire high-clarity images like no other PET/CT system.

  • Highest NEMA sensitivity in the industry2
  • Highest clinical NECR for clinical 18F in the industry2
  • May reduce dose by keeping the technologist at the console3
  • Significant reduction of metal artifacts with Smart MAR
  • Enhanced patient care, comfort and satisfaction
  • Large, scalable

Motion Correction

Clear the way for clear images

Respiratory motion negatively affects about half of all PET/CT procedures. Current gating solutions are cumbersome and take too long to set up, which puts you in the difficult position of having to pick and choose which situations to use it in. As a result, only a small percentage of overall procedures affected by motion receive the benefits of motion correction. However, now with MotionFree, Discovery IQ Gen 2 assures that every patient gets the benefit of reduced motion during their exams for exceptionally clear images.


MotionFree is the first-ever digital respiratory motion management solution that completely eliminates the need for a gating device. It continually monitors respiratory motion in every PET/CT procedure, automatically modifies the scan and then integrates what it learns into the final image in real time. MotionFree is the new standard for PET imaging and an essential tool for better outcomes.

  • Up to a 30 percent improvement in quantitation accuracy (SUVmean) compared to non-motion corrected data4
  • Up to a 67 percent improvement in lesion volume measurements5
  • Avoid adding up to 11 minutes to patient setup time compared to an external gating device6


Accurate data points to trusted treatment

With Discovery IQ Gen 2, your quantitation is no longer limited by the technologies used to produce it. Compared to conventional methods, Discovery IQ Gen 2 uses more accurate and consistent quantitative tools like Q.Clear to support your treatment with precise data points. This allows your SUV measurement to become more than a number. It becomes a tool for trusted clinical discovery, diagnosis and treatment assessment.


Since its introduction, Q.Clear has delivered fast and efficient quantitation readings for confident diagnosis and precise treatment response assessment by providing up to two times improvement in both PET quantitation accuracy (SUVmean) and image quality (SNR). Now, improvements in the Q.Clear algorithm are further enhancing the resolution of brain images in vertical/coronal planes.

  • Up to a 2x improvement in image quality (SNR)
  • Up to a 2x improvement in quantitative SUV (SUVmean)


Detection at the speed of light

Discovery IQ Gen 2 comes with the LightBurst PET Detector that reduces scan times and dose amounts in half7. Combined with the next-generation improvements in sensitivity, motion correction and quantitation, you can expect increases in the image clarity, the speed that you acquire images and the confidence you have in seeing smaller lesions. We paired this innovative detector technology with the Optima™ CT540, which has the equivalent speed of a 50-slice CT with IQE 1.75 pitch booster8 to meet your imaging needs. The LightBurst PET Detector is compatible with advanced digital solutions designed to connect machines, people and data through a portfolio of healthcare analytics applications.


Better outcomes for all

Healthcare providers need a cost-effective system that has the flexibility to evolve with the demands of its users and accommodate for future growth. Discovery IQ Gen 2 is made for this. It is an accessible, mobile-ready platform designed with a fully-scalable detector ready to meet the clinical needs of all.


A system designed around you and your patients

The Discovery IQ Gen 2 improvements don’t stop with high-performance software upgrades. Now with a smaller footprint, Discovery IQ Gen 2 also offers hardware enhancements that may reduce radiation exposure to technologists and improves the user interface for exam reporting. Combined with the latest software upgrades, this allows for a better technologist and patient experience while enabling a powerful boost in PET/CT productivity and performance.


AutoIN gives your technologists the ability to landmark and position the patient table from the console in the operating room. Not only does this improve the imaging workflow, but it may reduce your technologist's exposure to radiation by keeping them at the console3.

  • May reduce technologist radiation exposure and improve workflow3

    Table positioning and landmarking from the console


  • Improved user interface

    Easy-to-use PET exam reporting and retrospective reconstruction

  • Up to six minutes less radiation exposure per day9

    Up to two hours of reduced radiation exposure per month

  • Up to 10 percent reduction in total scan time9

    Scan two more patients each day


The next generation is here

Discovery IQ Gen 2 is the next generation of our high-performance PET/CT system thoughtfully engineered with faster scan times, lower dose techniques and the ability to scan patients of all sizes. By combining best-in-class sensitivity with MotionFree image clarity and trusted Q.Clear quantitation, Discovery IQ Gen 2 is the smartest choice for ensuring better outcomes through true discovery.

1Based on PET/CT sales and installation industry data from 2014-2018.

2GE Discovery IQ 5-Ring has the highest NEMA sensitivity compared to market leading PET/CT equipment. Market leading PET/CT equipment is defined based on IMV’s Medical Information Division’s IMV 2019 report as the manufacturers representing more than 90% of the US Installed Base.

3AutoIN may minimize the radiation dose to technologist and time spent to position the patient from the scanning room. 

4As demonstrated in phantom testing using a typical and fast respiratory model, 18 mm Ge-68 spheres and OSEM reconstruction. Quantitative accuracy improvements are based on SUVmean.

5Compared to non-processed (STATIC, no motion-correction) data. As demonstrated in phantom testing using a typical and fast respiratory model, 18 mm Ge-68 spheres and OSEM reconstruction.

6Based on clinical practice at University Hospital Zurich, using 5-ring PET/CT with MotionFree and RPM. These results are for illustrative purposes only and represent specific customer experiences; actual results could vary depending on clinical practice and circumstances.

7Comparing Discovery IQ Gen 2 5-Ring to Discovery IQ Gen 2 3-Ring

8IQ Enhancement (IQE) may reduce helical artifacts which are important for image quality of thin-slice helical scans. CT scanners with this feature can accelerate its helical pitch up to 70% (e.g. 0.562 to 1.75, @ 16 slice) when acquiring the same helical artifact level compared with the same scanner with IQ Enhance disabled. This coverage speed is equivalent to that of a 50-slice wider detector CT scanner at same table speed.

9Based on results found at one Medical Evaluation site installation, Tata Memorial Hospital – India. Results may vary.