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Experience more. More services. More support. More future-focused solutions. Finally, a partnership that won’t leave you wanting more.

Protect your Investment

Keep your devices secure with eDelivery of Operating System (OS) updates

Access the Full Power

Maximize your Voluson™ capabilities using our clinical and technical education support

Maximize Uptime

Proactively monitor your system performance with OnWatch and Probe Check

Join the Family

Become a member of the Voluson Club – our online community of Voluson ultrasound users

A World of Possibilities

A well-maintained ultrasound system improves your efficiency and helps allow you to deliver the best care to your patients. Leverage our entire ecosystem of support for peace of mind now—and in the future. Combined with a flexible service program, GE Healthcare partners with you to monitor and maintain your Voluson ultrasound systems, ensure quality and compliance, and train and inspire your staff.

Education & Training

Take advantage of clinical and technical education, along with training support to help you provide the highest quality of care and achieve operational excellence.

Performance Optimization Solutions

Maximize the performance, workflow, and utilization of your Voluson ultrasound system using Imaging Insights, iCenter Performance Management tools, and other digital solutions.

Maintenance, Repair, and Remote Support Services

Manage your total cost of ownership while improving system uptime with maintenance contracts and features like OnWatch proactive monitoring with InSite™ connectivity.

Probe Repair and Hygeine Solutions

A continuum of support for your probes, including disinfection and hygiene solutions. Stay a step ahead with Probe Check, which assesses the health of your probes and can alert you to potential issues.

Updates, Upgrades, and Device Protection

Protect your ultrasound system from cyber-attacks with Voluson’s comprehensive SonoDefense solution. Easily download Operating System (OS) updates with eDelivery to keep your devices secure and running smoothly.

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